Creative Music Rooms
High-Quality Westside Rehearsal Facility

Here is what a few of our tenants
have to say about the rooms.

  • "Renting a room at CMR has made me a better musician and I'm now making more money as both a working musician and a recording engineer." -Jim Doyle
  • "Thanks again for everything, I really do appreciate you guys being so cool to me and making this a great experience. I will definitely recommend CMR to anyone looking for a lockout." -Will Bentley
  • "I was looking for a space on the west side and there was only one lockout available anywhere close to Venice. I almost took that space, which was a run down, old, smelly room in Culver City but luckily took a moment to look on Craig's List and found out about CMR who had not even opened yet. comes down to a few HUGE details. This place is brand spanking new and the rooms are the cleanest I've ever seen..and I've had lockouts in NYC, L.A and Boston. Steve and Danny, a couple musicians who wanted a better place to rehearse, took the time and put the money into creating exactly that.
    1. The place is brand new.
    2. The room is CLEAN. Ultra clean.
    3. The location is perfect and in an industrial area in one of the better neighborhoods on this side of L.A.
    4. The parking situation is the best in L.A. Lots of spots during the day in the complex's own parking lot...and literally uncountable spaces at night.
    My drums and I are pretty damn happy so far...." -Aaron L.